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Digital technology workshops for kids and teens ages 6 to 16.
3D Printing
Game Design
Web Design
And More

The Pixel Academy is a creative space where kids and teens are immersed in state of the art digital technologies, from Virtual Reality Video Game Design to 3D Printing. The Pixel Academy encourages creativity with technology, enabling our members to develop proficiencies in a sampling of the very latest hardware and software available. We give them both the tools and the knowledge to explore and master important new skills that traditional schools aren’t able to offer. Mouse over the topics to the left for an example of some of the 21st century skills taught at The Pixel Academy.

How does it work? The Pixel Academy is a drop-in afterschool learning space. Members can visit any time we're open and either participate in our scheduled workshops or choose their own paths with the guidance of our instructors.

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Every day we have up to THREE different workshops covering three different topics. Although the workshops are optional, there are benefits to sticking with what we have planned out for the day. Members who successfully complete the workshops and the challenges that follow are awarded Pixel Points (used to level up) and unique achievements that corresponds to the new skills they've learned.

Our philosophy is to let kids come when they want and learn what they want. Everything we offer is educational and entertaining so they get to be the masters of their future. They can pick up a guitar on Monday, or make a video game on Friday. The Pixel Academy is best for kids 7 and older.

Want to learn more about what you get for being a Pixel Academy member? Scroll down to read more!

Visit the Pixel Academy

$ 35/visit
for members

* Drop in any day and stay until closing

* Option to participate in two 60-minute workshops each afternoon

* Use all of our technology for projects or to learn COOL skills and then...

* Complete skill-based achievements to level up!

* Work with our instructors on Programming, Game Design, Animation, Arduino, Music, and much more!

$ 45/visit
for non-members

* Drop in any day and stay until closing

* Option to participate in two 60-minute workshops each afternoon

* Use all of our technology for projects or to learn COOL skills and then...

* Complete skill-based achievements to level up!

* Work with our instructors on Programming, Game Design, Animation, Arduino, Music, and much more!

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Camp Pixel

Camp Pixel is a hands-on creative experience where campers are immersed in the 21st century technologies of their choice: Video game design and coding, 3D stop-motion animation, digital sound design, Minecraft modding, and 3D printing (to name a few)! Every session is built around new creative projects to fully immerse campers in the future of digital content creation. Camp Pixel is a unique experience for returning campers, Pixel members, and new kids alike.

Detailed information about Camp Pixel is now available on our dedicated Camp Pixel website:

Birthdays @ The Pixel Academy

The Pixel Academy offers two very unique birthday party experiences!

The first is what we call the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY PARTY and includes a sampling of all of the cool technology at the Pixel Academy. Kids will pose in front of our "greenscreen" wall and we’ll put them all INSIDE of a video game! The birthday boy or girl is the hero who encounters other partygoers along the way. The game can be tweaked and customized by the whole group and we'll set up our theater space to project the completed video game on the BIG SCREEN.

Partygoers will create their own custom party favor using 3D design software and a one-of-a-kind pre-made template. Creations will start 3D printing at the party for pick-up later in the week.

We also offer a one-of-a-kind MINECRAFT TECHNOLOGY BIRTHDAY PARTY that combines playing and creating within the Minecraft universe. Partygoers may make custom skins or texture packs and they will all play together using their own creations on private LANs. They'll also get a chance to explore Minecraft VR (an immersive virtual reality version Minecraft that uses the Oculus Rift), and take silly pictures in front of our "greenscreen".

For prices and to reserve a specific date, fill out our birthday party request form here.

Game Nights
Information coming soon...
Teen Academy

Pixel Academy members who are 12 and older have the option of participating in the Teen Academy program.

After joining, each teen will be guided by the Pixel Staff to develop a long-term project focused on developing his or her skills in the topic of their choice. Once a project is fleshed out and a series of goals and time tables are constructed, the teen will be assigned a specific staff member who will be his or her mentor for the duration of the project. Call us for more information or to participate in the Teen Academy program!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are some workshops more expensive than others? Nope! Each visit includes participation in both daily workshops. Creativity is about freedom. It’s totally up to our members which workshops they take part in. Computer programming on Monday, guitar on Tuesday, then more guitar on Wednesday. Or, members can decided to skip out on workshops and work on their own projects with the help of Pixel Instructors. In other words, learn what you want, when you want.

Do members need to sign up for specific workshops ahead of time? Nope, just show up!

Wait a minute, what is a workshop? A workshop is a guided exploration of a particular skill. It usually lasts about an hour and includes both learning and creating. Every workshop is tied to a creative achievement (and Pixel Points!)

What do you have available for members to use? We strive for one computer for every member: MacBook Pros loaded with the latest digital software for creating everything from 3D models to iOS applications. For a more complete list, see the list of tech above or check our website to stay up-to-date.

How do I know my kid’s not just playing Minecraft all day? There are only a few reasons members will play video games at Pixel Academy: creative modification, inspiration, testing a member-created game, or after earning a quick break. Plus, Pixel Instructors don’t want to just watch members passively consume a game that’s been designed by someone else. That’s no fun for us either. We know that Pixel passes aren’t free so we make sure parents get their passes worth.

What are text alerts? Members can request to automatically receive a text message when their son or daughter scans in and out of the Pixel Academy. That way parents who can’t be there for pickup or dropoff can still stay in the loop. (This can also be more consistent than relying on your child to let you know when he or she has come or gone.)

Are the workshops throughout the week the same? No. Although we may focus on the same topics on certain days, we could cover vastly different material.

How many workshops does it take to complete a project? Members build their projects over time. What’s why they get storage space on our servers. Some workshop achievements can be completed within the workshop hour, while others might take several visits. We also encourage members to use the skills they’ve learned to work on their own long-term creative projects.

What if I’m not interested in today’s workshop? Instructors are always on hand to answer questions in any topic we know or to learn alongside you in topics we don’t! We’re also happy to help members with past workshops or suggest other ways to creatively explore the awesome technology we have.

Can I only do one workshop a day? Each visit can include all the workshops or, if members prefer use their time at Pixel to be productive in other ways, none of them.

What age does this cover? Are groups going to be mixed ages? The unique exploration structure of the Pixel Academy allows us to work with a variety of ages at the same time. Since all of our stuff is technology-based, and not anything that directly corresponds to school, we find that a range of ages is actually a real benefit for kids, in terms of both learning and socializing. By breaking down social barriers, kids feel freer to interact creatively. In other words, since this isn’t school, grades don’t matter!

Can you really teach a six year old to make 3D prints and video games? We can and we do!

Are you special needs friendly? Our workshops are technology-based and designed to be everyone-friendly! Our Instructors have experience with all kinds of youth. If you have any special concerns please give us a call and we’ll see if any special arrangements need to be made.

Can I drop my child off? Yes! When you sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out some “paper”work including a list of adults who can pick your child up. If you’re more comfortable hanging around for the first visit, you’re more than welcome to stay.

Can I stay with my child? Sometimes it’s nice to hang out during the first visit. But, after that, we have a strict no parents policy. No offense, parents. It’s just to make sure members feel comfortable enough to be creative, without the pressure of parents’ presence (their own or someone else’s.)

What’s the deal with bracelets? The bracelet members get when they sign up contains a unique QR code that we link to their membership accounts. It contains no personal identifiable information. Just a member number. When members arrive, we scan them in (and give them a Pixel Point!) When they’re ready to leave, we scan their bracelet again and a list pops up with everyone who is approved to check them out of the Pixel Academy. This lets us keep track of who’s with us, who's left, and who took them. It’s actually all pretty cool. (We made the system ourselves using skills that members can learn in our daily workshops!)

What if I have a special circumstance? We’re happy to be flexible and do our best to find a solution to all scenarios!

Can adults join? Nope! Sorry.

Please? If you’re interested in Professional Development for Educators, check out our off-site offerings ( and/or send an email to for more info.

Have more questions? Email us ( or give us a call at 866-771-6837
Pixel Academy
163 Pacific St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(866) 771-6837
info (AT) PixelAcademy (DOT) org

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