How much do parties cost?

Pixel Academy Birthday Experiences vary in cost based on schedule, location, type, and more.  For the most current prices and to see available dates, visit our Birthday Scheduler.

What’s the difference between an Exclusive and a Shared Party?

In addition to Shared Party features like Minecraft Gaming on our servers, time for pizza and cake and an included digital invitation, the Exclusive party includes a longer, exclusive access to our entire space, a chance to play in virtual reality, a laser-cut birthday card, and additional optional add-ons to complete the experience! For pricing and availability, visit our Birthday Scheduler.

How old must you be for a Pixel Academy birthday experience?

Pixel Academy birthday experiences are for kids turning ages 7-12. Partygoers, including siblings, must be between ages 6 and 18 in order to participate.

How far in advance can I book a party?

View our Birthday Scheduler to check our availability! You can book a party as soon as 2 weeks in advance in order to give us time to organize staff and materials.

How far in advance can I reserve Reverse Day Care?

Registration for Reverse Day Care is also up until 2 weeks in advance of your party in order to give us time to organize staff and materials.

Can adults participate in a party?

Our parties are for kids only and are drop-off for friends’ parents.

Where can I host a Pixel Academy birthday experience?

We offer parties at both our Brooklyn and TriBeCa locations! Check out our Birthday Scheduler to view availability for each location.

What times are available for parties?

We host our Birthday Parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Use our Birthdays Scheduler to see what we have available!

How early can I arrive?

Pixel Academy will open our doors for you and your partygoers at the start time of your party. Please feel free to arrive up to 15 minutes early to drop off any supplies and be ready to welcome the rest of your guests.

What if I have more kids attend than I paid for?

An additional fee applies for attendees above your minimum. Although we will always do our best to accommodate your party, we will prepare to host the number of partygoers covered by your deposit; additional last-minute partygoers may not have their own computers, party favors, or other add-ons. We suggest booking a party that can accommodate everyone you invite, but contact us in advance if you think you may have extra partygoers so we can staff accordingly!

Do you provide food?

You can purchase an add-on for Pixel Academy to provide Pizza and Drinks to your birthday party! You’re also more than welcome to bring a cake for your party, or take care of all of food and drink on your own. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific dietary restrictions.

Do you have a kitchen?

We do not have a kitchen. Please avoid bringing any food or drink that would rely on a refrigerator or an oven.

Do you provide party favors?

Yes! Unique Pixel Experience party favors are available as add-ons to our Birthday Parties. Visit the Birthdays Scheduler to view pricing and availability!

What is 3D scanning?

3D scanning is a fast and totally safe way to create a digital copy of a real object.  In this case, the real objects are the kids!  All that is required is that they make a fun pose and remain still for about 15-20 seconds.  Our party staffers use cutting-edge tech to scan and digitize the partygoers’ likenesses for insertion into digital media like video games!