Pixel Academy is back and better than ever this fall with 2 locations, a refined member experience, and the newest cutting-edge technology to keep our Members ahead of the curve. For the 2016-2017 year, you’ll will see new types of visits and scheduling options, added membership perks, a revamped teen program, and more. A Pixel Academy membership is the perfect fit for children ages 7-12 who’ve shown an interest in engaging with digital technology. As members progress, parents can start to see things like finished Big Projects come home on flash drives, Highlights pop up on Member Profiles, works-in-progress at the end of the afternoon, new friendships budding among like-minded young thinkers, and a confidence in navigating and creating with new tech that they just wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Scroll down for visit, cost, and pickup information. Current and new Members alike: Register today!

Membership Fee: $99 (see what this includes)

Visits (2:30 – 6:30 P.M.): $55 ($65 TriBeCa)

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What’s New?

Two Locations
In addition to our flagship Cobble Hill makerspace, we’ve opened a new TriBeCa location on West Street and can’t wait to meet our new Manhattan neighbors! Scroll down to learn more.
Structured Big Projects
Thanks to feedback from members, we’ve redesigned our after-school experience to include more focused and rewarding tech projects. Scroll down to learn more!
New Membership Perks
This year, in addition to flash drives, daily snacks, and maker materials, members get wireless RFID bracelets, homework help after school, and exclusive discounts on many Pixel Academy events and birthday parties.
FREE Teen Apprenticeship
Our S.E.A.L. program for teens ages 13-17 is now completely free for accepted participants, is open to anyone to apply, and has has rolling admission throughout the school year. Email us if you’re interested!

What’s Back?

Advanced Technology
We’re continuing our mission to educate and inspire with cutting-edge digital technology and hands-on ways to explore and create with it.
Membership Concierge
We’re standing by to help you with membership setup and questions. Give us a call at 866-771-6837!
School Pick-Ups
We pick members up from select nearby schools at both locations. Scroll down for the schedule, and contact us if you’re interested in setting a new weekly pickup from your school!
Rewarding Afternoons
Our low member-instructor ratio allows for focused, hands-on guided technology learning and ample project time, along with screen breaks and fun!


Each visit at the Pixel Academy is a well-rounded tech-learning experience. Members can discover their own spark of creativity in our self-guided makerspace or spend the afternoon honed in on a Big Project in our Designer or Developer stations. Through activity, individual work, and the help of our expert instructions, each visit leads to new ideas, higher skills, and more motivation to work towards something to be proud of.

DAILY ACTIVITIES (2:30 – 6:30 P.M.)

Snacks & Homework Help
Project Time: Developer, Designer, or Makerspace →
Individual Project Work
Project Reflection & Planning
Teen Apprenticeship Training (ages 13-16)



Developer Projects

Coding – Game Dev – Minecraft Programming

Sign up for a 6-week series of developer-themed workshops to create and complete a big project with an expert instructor in a specific tech skill! Workshops meet once a week for 6 weeks when public school is in session.


Designer Projects

Virtual Reality – 3D Animation – Digital Arts

Dive into 6 weeks of design-based learning with our instructors and complete a project in a new skill! Workshops meet once a week for 6 weeks when school is in session.


Makerspace Visits

Laser Cutting – 3D Printing – Stop-Motion

Looking to discover new areas of technology? Drop into our space any day after school for open-ended, hands-on challenges, activities and more using our cutting-edge technology.


Membership Fee: $99

Your Membership fee gains your child access to sign up for Visits for the 2016-17 year, and to your online Pixel Academy account to reserve your visits! Visits are reserved ahead-of-time using our Pixel Academy online account. Space is limited, so don’t forget to book in advance!

Members Get:

> 8GB Flash Drive
> Personalized RFID Wristband
> Maker Materials
> Daily Snack and Homework Help

Reserved Member Visit (Brooklyn): $55
Reserved Member Visit (TriBeCa): $65


Members who register for visits on a day we pick up from their school get walked over by our staff as a free member benefit. Let us know if you’re interested in setting up a pickup from your school!

    School Pickups (Brooklyn)

  • MON– P.S. 261
    – P.S. 29
    – P.S. 8
  • TUE -Brooklyn Heights Montessori School
    -P.S. 29
    -Saint Ann’s
  • WED – Brooklyn Friends
    -P.S. 261
    – P.S. 32
  • THUR – Brooklyn Friends
    – P.S. 32
    – P.S. 58
  • FRI – P.S. 58
    – P.S. 8
    – Packer Collegiate Institute

    School Pickups (TriBeCa)

  • MON – P.S. 234
  • TUE – P.S. 234
  • THUR – P.S. 89
    – P.S. 150
    – Village Community School

Contact us to request a pickup at your school!