Strategic STEM Partnerships

Integrate Pixel Academy’s expert STEM technology workshops and curriculum into your school or organization.

Bring cutting-edge STEM learning to your school or organization. Pixel Academy is a licensed NYC DOE vendor.

Professional Development

We train your staff to use advanced tech, create integrated STEM curriculum and support the Maker Movement

  • Available on site or at a Pixel Academy
  • Half, single, and multi-day flexibility
  • Consultation in Makerspace design and empowering the Maker-mindset
  • Hands-on training in cutting-edge technology and integration into your curriculum

In-School STEM Classes

Our expert, year-round instructors lead your students through hands-on projects using cutting-edge technology

  • Innovative, project-based STEM curriculum
  • 6-week to semester-long flexibility
  • During school or after school
  • Custom design to meet your needs & timeline

Year-Round STEM Makerspace

We build a Pixel Academy into your organization for complete, year-round technology programs & curriculum immersion

  • Year-round, dedicated Pixel Resident at your location
  • Complete STEM curriculum integration for students & teachers
  • Full flexibility for scheduling classes, training and support
  • Possibly FREE for your organization
“Maker-based Learning is transforming the school experience by refilling crucial gaps left in the instructional program as schools moved away from commonly providing Industrial Arts programs in favor of more focus on core curriculum instruction, but leaving the students’ needs for hands-on, discovery style development unfilled.” – State of EdTech, 2017

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