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“My son will sit and stare at a computer for hours and not interact with anyone except for the occasional nasty comment when anyone dares interrupt him. He said. “Pixel Academy provides an alternative where he’s interacting with older, more experienced kids.”
“Raising the next Bill Gates”
“Classes Offer New Take on Tech”
“Camp for Kids Teaches 3D Design, Printing: Pixel Academy is Offering a Week-long tech/Design Crash-Course for the Young Ones,”
“Kids Can Make Their Own Video Games, 3-D Prints at UWS Workshop,”
“Can Pixel Academy teach the nation’s kids to code?”
“I was impressed with how well the instructors worked with the kids, providing a great mix of instruction and hands-off time so students could do what they wanted.”
“Seen in New York: Pixel Academy.”
“iSmarts: How to Raise a Savvy Digital Kid,”
“Using the latest hardware and software available, even beginners will be able to create simple video games that they can play at home. Drop-in hours are fluid, so kids come when they want and learn what they want: maybe digital music one day and video game design the next.”
“Pixel Academy, a child-oriented computer lab in Cobble Hill, extended its summer offerings for those enduring this weird week that doesn’t usually happen.”
“After-school Awesomeness: The Innovators, Pixel Academy,”
“Mr. G is in search of the things that make our city so special. Today…a place that’s turning kids love of video games into something productive!”