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“Pixel Academy provides an alternative where [my son]’s interacting with older, more experienced kids.”
“Raising the next Bill Gates”
“Classes Offer New Take on Tech”
“Camp for Kids Teaches 3D Design, Printing: Pixel Academy is Offering a Week-long tech/Design Crash-Course for the Young Ones,”
“Kids Can Make Their Own Video Games, 3-D Prints at UWS Workshop,”
“Can Pixel Academy teach the nation’s kids to code?”
“I was impressed with how well the instructors worked with the kids, providing a great mix of instruction and hands-off time so students could do what they wanted.”
“Seen in New York: Pixel Academy.”
“iSmarts: How to Raise a Savvy Digital Kid,”
“Using the latest hardware and software available, even beginners will be able to create simple video games that they can play at home. Drop-in hours are fluid, so kids come when they want and learn what they want: maybe digital music one day and video game design the next.”
“Pixel Academy, a child-oriented computer lab in Cobble Hill, extended its summer offerings for those enduring this weird week that doesn’t usually happen.”
“After-school Awesomeness: The Innovators, Pixel Academy,”
“Mr. G is in search of the things that make our city so special. Today…a place that’s turning kids love of video games into something productive!”