Mobile Game Design (1 week)
Design a 2D video game for mobile devices! Great for gamers and first-time game creators. Campers learn about video games and create one of their very own. They use the versatile software Gamemaker Studio to conceptualize a game, design a level, create custom assets and more. Campers finish the week with their own video game!
Mobile Game Coding (1 week)
Take a video game to the next level with custom scripts! Campers learn about more advanced functionality such as power ups, life counters, and high score displays to great a fun and challenging 2D game. Campers can bring their games from Mobile Game Design camp, or start fresh with one of ours!
Pixel Academy uses a holistic, hands-on approach to inspire and empower kids to understand and create with digital technology all year round. We don't just funnel kids through impersonal, cookie-cutter classes and forget about them; all of our instruction is project-based, every participant's project is unique, and our passion for sharing digital tech skills doesn't expire at the end of the summer. Our programs empower kids to explore the STEM skills that will define their world and to apply them to exciting creative projects across multiple disciplines.
Each CAMP/pixel topic is designed to facilitate fundamental understanding of relevant, 21st-century STEM skills through fun, hands-on learning. Our workshops are infused with inquiry-based activities and exercises so each camper is not only introduced to these concepts but can feel ownership over them and understand why they're important. We use inherently cool vehicles (like Minecraft and YouTube) to teach otherwise intimidating skills (like coding in Java and online safety.) Campers leave CAMP/pixel with a finished project of their own creation and a practiced ability to apply digital tech skills in creative ways.