Each CAMP/pixel topic includes cutting-edge technology, expert instructors, 21st-century skills, a hands-on, inquiry-based learning experience unique to CAMP/pixel.
Let's Play Video Capture (1 week)
Let's Play Motion Graphics (1 week)
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Fortnite-Style World Building for VR (1 week)
Fortnite Gaming & Mechanics (1 week)
Fortnite-Style Game Design with Unity (2 weeks)
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Texture Design with Pixel Art (1 week)
Coding Using LUA (1 week)
Stop-Motion Animation (1 week)
Mods with Java Programming (2 weeks)
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Adventure Map Coding (1 week)
Obstacle Course Design (1 week)
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Mobile Games
Mobile Game Design (1 week)
Mobile Game Coding (1 week)
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Hardware Hackers
Hardware Hackers (2 weeks)
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